Health is Wealth - Coaching Plans


The Healthy Me Gold Coaching Program is a monthly membership program that is a habit coaching and accountability program. Its focus is on fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching programs. This program includes a Health community section that will have weekly post on health and wellness and plenty of resources to help you with healthy journey such as recipes, articles, and more
  • The Healthy Me Gold Coaching Program includes the following:
  • Daily/Weekly Accountability and Support from Your Coach
  • Workout Plans
  • Monthly Healthy Recipe Packages
  • Monthly Health, Fitness, and Wellness Resources
  • Habit and Lifestyle Resources
  • Unlimited Coaching Programs (More than 30 different coaching programs)


Our Healthy Me Silver Coaching Membership is a Coaching/Education Site that has done for you Fitness and Wellness Courses that includes a recipe library, workout programs, challenge programs, and mini courses. Each month new courses and programs will be added to the site.

You will have a personal membership account, so you are able to work on your courses whenever you are ready. This is a coaching site for self-starters and those that like to work at their own pace. There is also a blog section with health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition articles.
  • The Healthy Me Silver Coaching Program includes the following:
  • Nutrition Course
  • Fat Loss Course
  • Sleep Mastery Course
  • And Many More
  • New Courses will be added monthly, and they include training videos, lessons, and more.


Our Healthy Me Platinum Coaching Membership uses a health education system called Engagement Rx. No matter the health goal or skill level, Engagement Rx provides tailored coaching support proven to get results. Engagement Rx courses cover the topics that are most relevant to participants based on their personalized care path.

Courses are designed to break down harmful beliefs, thoughts, and emotions, and replace them with empowering cognitive responses. This cognitive behavioral training elicits positive outcomes and lasting change.
  • There are six unhealthy habits at the root of most chronic disease:
  • Poor diet
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Tobacco use
  • Poor stress management
  • Insufficient sleep
  • Excessive alcohol consumption